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TERA Consultants is an international economic consulting firm founded in 1996 by Laurent Benzoni who is an Economics Professor at Paris II Panthéon-Assas university and an industrial economics and competition expert.

Dedicated to network (specialising in telecommunications) regulation, TERA Consultants' expertise covers industrial and consulting services:


TERA Consultants advises all types of clients from very different sectors and countries, be they large or small businesses, regulatory authorities or other government entities (see all our references).


Our experts are university professors and highly-qualified industrial and legal specialists. Our experts work with a team composed of 15 consultants , all graduates from leading engineering and business schools.

TERA Consultants has three unique strengths:

  • Strong ties with academic experts, who guarantee the credibility of our work and support us on specific issues.

  • Dual education in science and economics, our consultants build stronger analysis and obtain better results than when using purely theoretical models.

  • Pedagogy skills and experience in legal proceedings to explain complex economic and technological issues to a non-specialist audience.