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Intragroup transfer of intangible assets

A global leader in consumer products wished to transfer a basket of intangible assets (brand names) of great value to another subsidiary of the group, and then set up a usage fee system for the use of these brand names. Read more >

Arbitration between British Telecom and Vivendi on the Vizzavi portal

Vivendi, a shareholder of Cegetel, and Vodafone worked together to develop a content distribution portal (Vizzavi). British Telecom, another shareholder of Cegetel, claimed that Vivendi’s collaboration with one of its competitors caused British Telecom a damage estimated at €500m. Read more >

Calculating the cost of the fibre local loop in France

In the context of FTTH deployments in France, a major telecom operator contended that the planned regulatory policy which promoted competition in infrastructure was very inefficient from an economic point of view. Read more >

Marketing strategy for mobile number portability

The regulator of a Latin American country imposed a challenging timeline to introduce mobile number portability. Read more >

Contesting the exclusivity of a premium smartphone sale granted to an incumbent operator

A European MNO filed a complaint with the Competition Authority about the exclusive distribution of a premium brand of smartphones to another MNO in the same domestic market, contesting that this constitutes an unjustified vertical restraint. Read more >

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