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Defending the policy of intra-group financing and the development of a complex financial product

In a tax audit of a large American industrial group, the tax authority called into question the intra-group financing policy of the group. Read more >

Takeover of a pay-TV platform by a rival

TERA Consultants acted as an advisor to a pay-TV platform during its takeover by a rival. The takeover raised significant competition concerns in that it created monopolistic positions (e.g. the right to broadcast football matches). Read more >

Cost model for postal distribution in France

In the context of regulating the postal sector (price cap and the cost of Universal Service), the national regulatory authority (ARCEP) wanted to have a cost model of the postal delivery activity in France. Read more >

Asset valuation as part of a dispute between a railway company and an electricity transmission system operator

Our client, a railway company, was under the obligation to transfer their high voltage equipment to the public electricity transmission system operator. A dispute had taken place since 2004 between the two parties on the economic valuation of the equipment to be transferred. Read more >

Commercial and technical due diligence of an integrated fixed and mobile operator

On behalf of a private equity fund, we conducted a commercial and technical due diligence in order to assess the opportunity of bidding for an integrated fixed and mobile player operating in several markets. Read more >

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