Our expertise focuses on Sectoral regulation, Antitrust & Competition, Litigation, Cost modeling (both private and public costs) and Corporate strategies & Economic policies.

The key to our differentiation lies on our team; with their dual education in science and economy, our consultants can build stronger analyses and obtain better results than when using purely theoretical models.


Since our creation in 1996, regulation has been at the crux of our business. Today, TERA Consultants is recognised as one of the world's leading regulatory advisories. Read more >


The competition team at TERA Consultants has completed more than 60 missions over the past four years. Our firm is rated "excellent" in the "Leader's League" ranking of experts in antitrust litigation. Read more >


TERA Consultants works alongside leading law firms to provide economic analyses that confirm and quantify losses in trade and commercial disputes. Read more >


TERA Consultants has the required business acumen, technical insights and economic expertise to help clients move forward. Read more >

Cost modelling

TERA Consultants provides economic expertise to law firms in cost modelling cases. Read more >

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