Mar. 12, 2014

Seminar: "The regulation of fast and ultra-fast broadband in France"

Laurent Benzoni and Denis Basque (Partners at TERA Consultants) gave the seminar at the French National Federation of Public Service Local Authorities (FNCCR) on 11th and 12th March. Participants include project managers of broadband deployment from local authorities. The objectives and program of the seminar can be found below.

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- To understand the role of regulation

- To identify the obligations imposed on SMP operators and the Public Initiative Networks (RIP in French)

- To identify the critical components of wholesale tariff offers for RIP

- To build a competitive catalogue of wholesale offers consistent with the regulatory framework

- To become familiar with the regulatory methods of cost calculations and price setting of wholesale offers

- To avoid competition issues with State Aid.



- 1st half day (Laurent Benzoni): Objectives and conditions for the regulation of electronic communications

- 2nd half day (Denis Basque): Introduction to "wholesale offers" (operators, ISPs, other )

- 3rd half day (Denis Basque): Method of calculating costs to set rates

- 4th half day (Denis Basque - Laurent Benzoni): Pricing under regulatory constraints, Review of the session