May. 21, 2014

Study for Huawei "4G – the highway for connected objects"

At the SME & Innovation Forum organised by Huawei and the Richelieu Committee on the 20th May 2014, the company published a study by Tera Consultants which highlights the importance of connected objects in the years to come. In particular, the analysis shows that the number of connected objects will be multiplied by 50 in the next 6 years, with very strong growth in sectors such as automatic domestic equipment and e-health. In France, the market growth of connected objects will contribute to the explosion of traffic on mobile networks that can reach 500 million gigabytes of transited data via mobile networks. 4G networks will play a significant role as a "highway" for traffic of objects integrating directly an LTE module or to convey information from other networks that host connected objects.