May. 19, 2014

TERA’s postal expertise recognised in the latest ERGP report

In the latest report of the European Regulators Group for postal services (ERGP) on challenges to overcome when implementing a net cost calculation methodology for postal universal services, the Belgian regulator BIPT underlined the positive contribution of TERA Consultants to BIPT’s work. The BIPT has particularly highlighted the solid expertise of TERA Consultants in the field of cost modelling and extensive knowledge of postal markets in many European countries, as well as other countries worldwide.

As part of the evaluation of a possible claim for compensation for the net cost of the universal service, BIPT asked TERA Consultants to carry out a verification model to calculate this cost. The report, prepared by TERA, will soon be published on the website of the regulator.

TERA has undertaken various postal missions for BIPT for the last 3 years. TERA has in particular developed and updated since 2011 the postal services observatory in Belgium. 


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