Aug. 25, 2015

Report on the determination of appropriate costing and pricing methodologies for the copper access network in Ireland

TERA has conducted a study for the Irish regulatory authority ComReg (The Commission for Communications Regulation) aiming at analysing the various valuation methodologies available to ComReg for the valuation of the copper local loop in order to set wholesale Local Loop Unbundling, Sub Loop Unbundling, Naked DSL and wholesale line rental prices.

One of the specificities of this study is that geographic différences between urban and rural areas have been carefully taken into consideration.

TERA also considered the Commission recommendation of 11 September 2013 on consistent non-discrimination obligations and costing methodologies to promote competition and enhance the broadband investment environment.


The report written by TERA is available at:


TERA also assisted ComReg to develop a copper local loop cost model using detailed geomarketing data about Ireland.