A study by TERA Consultants on the Impact of Piracy in the EU

30 March 2010 par dans Publications, Regulation

A study entitled “Building a Digital Economy: The Importance of Saving Jobs in the EU’s Creative Industries” was published by TERA Consultants for the International Chamber of Commerce in March 2010. The study measures the economic contributions of the European creative industries and the economic losses due to piracy.

The study by TERA Consultants looks at the situation of Europe’s music, film, television and software industries. It focuses primarily on the effects of digital piracy on these sectors.

The study addresses the three following points:

  • The contribution of the creative industries to the European economy: Estimations provided by the study shows that the contribution of the creative industries was approximately 6.9% of total European GDP in 2008. Employment in the creative industries was approximately 14 million (6.5% of the total) in the same year.
  • The impact of piracy on the most affected European creative industries: According to the study, approximately 10 billion Euros and more than 185 000 jobs were lost in the selected creative industries in 2008 because of piracy, largely digital piracy.
  • The economic impact of piracy in Europe in 2015: The study provides an estimation of losses due to piracy in 2015 if no significant measures are adopted to tackle piracy. In this case, the European Union’s creative industries could expect revenue losses of as much as 240 billion Euros by 2015, resulting in 1.2 million jobs lost.

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