BIPT publishes its draft decision on the broadband and television broadcasting markets

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The Belgian Institute for Postal Services and Telecommunications (BIPT) has published its draft decision regarding the analysis of the broadband and television broadcasting markets launched this summer and which was submitted for public consultation. This draft decision is based on the study carried out by TERA Consultants that demonstrated the existence of separate markets for […]

The model developed by TERA Consultants for the Swedish Post and Telecom Authority (PTS) is in public consultation online

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PTS asked TERA Consultants to assist in the development of its fixed network bottom-up cost models (fiber access and core). These models took into account the  existing PTS’ models. According to the European Commission recommendations, these models could be used by PTS to set regulated tariffs for several wholesale services (copper unbundling, fixed call termination, […]

TERA in the press in New Zealand: Commerce Commission releases draft Chorus FPP prices

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TERA Consultants was mandated by Commerce Commission, the national regulatory authority in New Zealand, to model the networks of Chorus, the incumbent wholesale operator, in order to determine the costs of unbundling and bitstream services sold by the incumbent. Following the development of the cost models, the Commerce Commission has published a public consultation on […]

TERA’s postal expertise recognized in the latest ERGP report

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In the latest report of the European Regulators Group for postal services (ERGP) on challenges to overcome when implementing a net cost calculation methodology for postal universal services, the Belgian regulator BIPT underlined the positive contribution of TERA Consultants to BIPT’s work. The BIPT has particularly highlighted the solid expertise of TERA Consultants in the […]

Seminar: “The regulation of fast and ultra-fast broadband in France”

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On March 11-12, 2014, Laurent Benzoni and Denis Basque (Partners at TERA Consultants) gave a seminar at the French National Federation of Public Service Local Authorities (FNCCR) . Participants included project managers of broadband deployment from local authorities. The objectives and program of the seminar can be found below. Laurent Benzoni and Denis Basque (Partners […]

Training on Net Neutrality and FTTH networks

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Pierre-Yves Deboudé (Associate Director TERA Consultants) gave a two-day training to a network operator in Rabat, Morocco on February 7-8,  2013. The program of the training is given below. Program: Internet Neutrality Interconnecting actors How the discussion started Net neutrality: principles and key events Positions of ARCEP The options for Internet Service Providers (ISPs) Prospects […]

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