Delimitation principles of the “bundled market” boundary

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By Julien Pellefigue and Paul Le Coz,  article in the Concurrences journal n° 1-2014. Whenever firms producing a large range of non-substitutable products (e.g. automotive parts) are involved in an antitrust case, it is difficult to use the traditional approach to relevant market definition, based upon demand side substitutability. In the absence of clear jurisprudential […]

Anti-dumping and competition policies

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By Julien Pellefigue and Thomas Garcia, article published in the journal ‘Concurrences’ N° 4-2013. The anti-dumping policies which were originally set up to control the anticompetitive actions of foreign exporting firms, have evolved so much that they are now likely to cause damages to domestic consumers. Certain concepts and economic tools developed in the antitrust framework […]

A cost-effective method to aggregate non-substitutable goods within the same relevant market

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By Julien Pellefigue and Paul Le Coz – TERA Consultants. The definition of the relevant market is a crucial step in competitive analysis as it helps calculate the market share of each players and obtain an indication of their market power. Conventionally, two properties are aggregated in the same relevant market when they are substitutable […]

Opening the black box of transfer pricing to better articulate competition law and international tax law

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By Laurent Benzoni and Julien Pellefigue published in the Review Concurrences N° 2-2013. The article describes specific issues when evaluating the anti-competitive nature of certain practices conducted by multinational companies. More specifically, it is to highlight the risks associated with the use of “transfer pricing” tax to carry out certain economic tests (eg. test for predatory […]

Mergers control: reconsideration of the structural analysis

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By Laurent Benzoni and Julien Pellefigue. Since the 1980s, economists have focused on behavioral analysis. This approach has contributed to the development of regulations on mergers control, decreasing the importance of structural analysis in favor of the study on unilateral and coordinated effects, as shown by the latest version of the U.S. Merger Guidelines which […]

Competitive dynamics between MNOs in the mobile telecommunications single Market: lessons from the US Experience

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Article by Laurent Benzoni, Bruno Deffains, Anh Tuc Nguyen and Olivier Salesse. Within the framework of the Digital Single Market, the European Commission is paving the way for a Single Market in the European mobile telecommunications services by, among others, studying how to reduce regulation heterogeneity in the 27 fragmented national markets. This article aims […]

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