Opportunity studies

Key decision making factors

Public or private decision makers are constantly taking key decisions that involve arbitrating between several solutions or decisions to commit resources to launch new projects. When risk or uncertainty is at stake, over-shooting or under-estimating the risk factor can have major positive or negative consequences. Opportunity studies are key tools in decision making to help assess the pros and cons of the choices to make.

TERA has the required skills and proven experience to help private companies or public entities in their development decisions or strategic pivots.

Reliability and robustness to minimise uncertainty

TERA models business and financing plans to reconcile top-down and bottom-up approaches, as well as anticipate future evolutions using quantitative methods (econometrics, predictive statistics, analysing qualitative data, polls) at the junction of qualitative information (an expert panel, consumer focus groups, trade-off studies, etc.).

We test the robustness of our forecasts by simulating the responsiveness of key parameters in business plans and via crash test scenarios. Analyses are also carried out in terms of opportunity costs to explore the best alternatives in launching a project and use of funds. These analyses can be furthered using the real options method to test the opportunity of launching the project in the short term or to delay the launch to stem future uncertainty, thereby lowering the risk and improving the likelihood of success and profitability.

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