Recognised transversal expertise

TERA experts and consultants provide recognised transversal skills and expertise for training sessions, be they for a single company or for inter-public organisations.

Seminars are generally organised as sessions to provide an overview of the current state of the industry as well as provide specific industry issues: the economics of competition law, the economics and regulation of electronic communication networks, etc.

Training seminars target corporate issues and can also address national or international public organisations. Exchanges among seminar participants promote knowledge and experience sharing.

Seminars can be organised in TERA’s offices, in the centre of Paris, in our auditorium seating 50 people. Seminars can also be organised elsewhere when the organising body includes companies or organisations (international organisations, professional unions, etc.,). Sessions can also be held on clients’ premises in France or abroad.

Examples: seminar on competition economics organised by WAEMU countries, World Bank seminar on organising competition in telecommunications in West Africa, TERA has organised seminars on the economics of regulation for the BEREC.

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