Economic damages

Assessing economic damages requires cross-industry expertise: statistical analysis, econometrics, technical economic modelling, as well as accounting and financial valuation. Bringing these skills together underlines the level of required business expertise, combining knowledge and experience, to calculate economic damage.

National and international economic litigation

TERA’s expertise carries over to all national and international economic disputes: anti-competitive behaviour, unfair competition, trade disputes, mediation and arbitrage for lawsuits in commerce, civil or administrative courts, as well as arbitration courts.

With its high-level skill-set, TERA builds robust counterfactual scenarios based on true understanding of how markets operate and proven experience in building quantitative modelling: econometrics, data analysis and simulation.

TERA’s expertise in financial techniques and accounting standards spans all corporate accounting information to calculate damages.
Our consultants’ pedagogy combined with TERA’s legal and court experience are pivotal and compelling assets to win cases.

Our key areas:

  • Calculation of margin loss,
  • Loss of profits,
  • Opportunity loss,
  • Reputation damage,
  • Interest due, etc.
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