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Our practice is globally recognised for its expertise and commitment. 

Our practice is dedicated to implementing unique methods to find solutions for clients. Our research-driven methods are enhanced by our innovative and operational approach.

Our clients’ trust and satisfaction are TERA’s key assets.

Our values

TERA Consultants builds on its excellence through its ongoing research and by mobilising state-of-the-art research across our scopes of intervention.

TERA Consultants’ highly professional team guarantees rigorous methodology and deliverables.

TERA Consultants provides unique and hands-on solutions, to meet clients’ complex issues.

TERA Consultants advises clients starting from the core of the problem at stake. Our boutique-sized practice enables privileged relationships with clients.

  • Excellence
  • Skills
  • Creativity
  • Proximity

Key figures


Who we are

Launched in 1995, our practice first focused on sector-based regulation in telecommunications and media, and then moved to economic expertise in general.

TERA Consultants’ experts and consultants are graduates of leading engineering and business schools, and generally have dual degrees in a science field and business management.

All our reports and studies are overseen by academic experts or highly qualified professionals.


TERA Consultants is created

An economist and an engineer team up to launch a consulting practice specialising in France’s telecoms competition, following telecommunication deregulation.


TERA spreads its wings

TERA’s proven experience and quality-driven methodology naturally lead the company to work abroad.


20 years on

TERA successfully completes international missions across various scopes of economic expertise.

expertise and skills

Senior staff

TERA’s consultants are economic and engineering graduates from renowned schools

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    TERA, international consulting and economic expertise firm founded in 1995, works in the fields of sector regulation, competition, litigation and damage assessment.


    39 rue d’Aboukir, 75002 Paris – France


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