The Radio Spectrum Ladder of Investment to promote Innovation and Competition in Mobile Markets

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The Digiwork Economic Journal of September 2016 (N° 102) published an article co-written by Laurent BENZONI, Professor of Economics at Sorbonne Universities (Paris 2), Founding Partner of TERA Consultants and Pascal Dutru, Attorney of Law, Paris Bar. Promotion of innovation and competition in the mobile markets This article applies the concept of “scale of investment” […]

Towards an overarching regulation of electronic communications

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Article co-written by Laurent Benzoni, Professor of Economics at Panthéon-Assas University and Pascal Dutru, PhD, Attorney at Law (Paris Bar) and published in the International Bar Association’s newsletter – Volume 22 Issue 1 released in June 2016. The article deals with the key role of Regulatory Authorities within the numeric transition transforming our societies. The […]

TERA’s report on pricing of access to the copper local loop in Ireland

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TERA has conducted a study for the Irish regulatory authority ComReg (The Commission for Communications Regulation) aimed at analyzing the various valuation methodologies available to ComReg for the copper local loop. The goal was to set wholesale Local Loop Unbundling, Sub Loop Unbundling, Naked DSL and wholesale line rental prices. One of the specificities of this study […]

TERA drafts a cost model for UCLL and Unbundled Bitstream Access for ComCom in New Zealand

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By Denis Basque, Marc Lameloise, Robert Fouret, Jean Colas, Pauline Coquet and Alexandre Journo – TERA Consultants. The Commerce Commission in New Zealand has today released draft decisions for consultation setting proposed prices that Chorus the incumbent operator can charge for use of their local copper lines and broadband service. The draft decision is based […]

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