Universal postal service – implosion in volume and explosion in cost?

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By Olivier Salesse and Laurent Benzoni. ARCEP has published the fifth issue of “Cahiers de l’ARCEP”, dedicated to the future of the postal sector. This fifth edition contains an article on the universal postal service co-written by Olivier Salesse and Laurent Benzoni. Some additional links: To the article: “The universal postal service will it implode […]

Study by TERA on the future of interconnection charging methods

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Study by TERA on the future of interconnection charging methods The European Commission has published a report by TERA Consultants on the future of interconnection charging methods. The objective of this study is to investigate whether there is a case to move beyond an improved “Calling Party Network Pays” (CPNP) regime to a “Bill And Keep” […]

A study by TERA Consultants on the Impact of Piracy in the EU

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A study entitled “Building a Digital Economy: The Importance of Saving Jobs in the EU’s Creative Industries” was published by TERA Consultants for the International Chamber of Commerce in March 2010. The study measures the economic contributions of the European creative industries and the economic losses due to piracy. The study by TERA Consultants looks […]

What reference costs should be used to regulate access price?

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Comments on the methodology to regulate access to electricity produced by historic nuclear plants – by Antoine Fournier, Associate Director (TERA Consultants).  The Champsaur report assesses how to regulate access to electricity produced by French electricity incumbent, EDF. This regulated access concerns electricity produced by EDF’s historic nuclear plants and destined for other suppliers. Granting access to […]

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