Concentration deals

TERA Consultants advises stakeholders in all concentration deals with possible anti-competitive effects. Deals include horizontal agreements (R&D, production, sales) or vertical agreements (exclusivity, procurement quotas). These deals may require providing structural and/or behavioural guarantees to competition authorities.

Our methodology complies with authorities and jurisprudence

TERA employs a rigorous methodology, complying with competition authority policies and jurisprudence:

  • Defining relevant markets (product and geographic dimensions for distribution, networks, etc.) and defining safe harbour (identify stakeholder market share and concentration indexes,);
  • Analysing unilateral or coordinated effects: relevant tests to measure competition effects (diversion ratio, UPP and Guppi tests), analyse the risk of a collective dominant position and concerted practices;
  • Assessing horizontal, vertical and/or conglomerate effects: qualitative and quantitative evaluation of the deal’s impacts on players across the value chain;
  • Studying efficiency gains and retrocession mechanisms to consumers;
  • Identifying remedies to offset competitive risks without changing the deal’s economics.

TERA accompanies direct or indirect stakeholders in their interactions with authorities. Tera mobilises all required resources and tools: econometrics, cost modelling (including margins), marketing studies, etc.

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