Evaluating economic damages

Launched by the European Commission (Directives 2014/104 and 2019/1), the evaluation of economic damages is undergoing a soft revolution. This change is demonstrated by the importance given to compensation in competition involving the drafting and identifying of sophisticated methods to calculate economic damages.

Building counterfactual scenarios

Having anticipated these changes, TERA is experienced in building counterfactual scenarios (but-for methods, economic or financial simulations, etc.), evaluating loss of profits, opportunity loss, and calculating the interest rates of damages due (return on capital employed, weighted average cost of capital, etc.).

To carry out these assessments, TERA relies on expertise skills (econometric, financial calculations, engineering) as well top-performing tools and access to information (Stata, R, VBA programming, C, Java, Python, financial and market databases). TERA provides evaluations for highly complex businesses which are industry-wide (telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, agri-business, Internet, transportation, etc.).

All TERA deliverables are transparent and can be used in legal cases. These deliverables are very pedagogical so that all stakeholders can understand and appropriate the issues: clients, legal counsel and judges.

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