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Marketing strategy for mobile number portability

Expertise : Strategy 

Business challenge

The regulator of a Latin American country imposed a challenging timeline to introduce mobile number portability. Our client needed to assess the potential impact of portability, under different market scenarios, in order to define its priorities in the negotiation process for establishing portability guidelines and preparing a 12-month marketing plan prior to the launch of portability.


Based on a thorough competitive analysis and an international benchmark of marketing strategies for mobile operators, we delivered :

  • a quantitative analysis of segments at risk, by usage types and regions
  • a scenario framework to define key market variables
  • a discussion document to prioritise objectives for the negotiation with the regulator and the other operators

Benefits and results

We developed a set of marketing recommendations to retain segments at risk and acquire additional market share in specific segments / regions. The recommendations were supported by a detailed cash-flow impact analysis. The client :

  • actively engaged with the regulator based on the proposed regulatory agenda
  • started preparations for commercial launch