Oct. 20, 2014

Cost analysis of Emergency Call Answering Services - A report for ComReg

By Denis Basque and Anh Tuc Nguyen

BT Ireland has been provider of the Emergency Call Answering Service (“ECAS”) in Ireland since 2010. In order to recover the cost of running the ECAS operation, BT Ireland charges a Call Handling Fee (“CHF”) to operators for calls which originate on their networks. In this context, ComReg is required to review the maximum emergency CHF and to ensure that the CHF enables BT to recover its reasonable costs. In 2013, ComReg reviewed the CHF and it is now at €3.08 per call. Based on the review of costs incurred during last year and on BT's forecasts of costs to be incurred in the following years of the contract, the CHF may be adjusted with the adjustment taking effect on 12 February 2015.

TERA Consultants, together with Orbita Consultancy, was commissioned by ComReg to undertake the cost review of BT's ECAS provision in order to recommend a reasonable CHF for the period between 12 February 2015 and 12 February 2016. 

This project marks the third time since 2010 that the expertise of TERA and Orbita has been called on by ComReg for the cost review of emergency call answering services in Ireland. 

Click here to access the report published on ComReg's website

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