Internship in Strategy / Competition / Regulation

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Created in 1995, TERA Consultants specialises in economic and technical-economic expertise in France and worldwide. TERA Consultants is a recognised leader in sector-specific regulation, especially in Telecommunications and Media.

Internship: Consulting in Strategy / Competition / Regulation

TERA Consultants has a team of twenty assisting companies and public institutions across various sectors: networks, telecommunications, energy, Internet, postal services, transportation, distribution, pharmaceuticals, etc… Our skill-set includes: competition analysis and regulatory practices, strategic analysis, litigation, calculating damages and transfer prices.

As a TERA Consultants team member, you will be operational, working alongside colleagues with an in-depth expertise and for high-level clients.

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    Internship objectives

    This internship is for a motivated, rigorous candidate who can work autonomously. The candidate will help consultants in their missions and cover TERA’s scope of:

    • Assisting economic expertise missions
    • Participating in building technical-economic models
    • Participating in drafting strategic scenarios
    • Carrying out economic impact studies
    • Drawing up business plans
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    Our offices are based in the center of Paris in the 2nd arrondissement. Short trips abroad may be called for, depending on the clients and missions.

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    Capable of synthesising and understanding the big picture, you have excellent writing skills. Your written and spoken French and English are good, and you master standard IT tools (pack office).

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    TERA, international consulting and economic expertise firm founded in 1995, works in the fields of sector regulation, competition, litigation and damage assessment.


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