Tera Consultants successfully assisted the Grandir Group and its legal counsel, Darrois Villey, to acquire Crèche Attitude, from Sodexo

3 March 2022 par dans Competition, Damages, Regulation

The French Competition Authority authorised the transaction, free from any commitments by the Grandir Group.

In a sector with no previously established case law, Tera innovated by defining the relevant product markets by analysing the interactions between private (households, companies reserving cots in daycare centers) and public players. Tera built on the product dimension by adding a geographic dimension. Assisted by its geomarketing partner, RetailSonar, Tera defined the geographic markets with a very fine geomarketing modelisation. This result measures the position of the merged group on the said markets, ranging from the specific geographics of the Grandir and Crèche Attitude day care centres Grandir to much larger geographies (employment areas, towns, and Public Entities of Intercommunal Cooperation, EPCI) for the upstream market study of cot reservation.

These analyses pioneered the definition of a new market, as the Competition Authority had never studied the professional childcare sector.

Congratulations to the whole team.

Decision of the Competition Authority


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