TERA’s participation at the conference “Compensation for competitive damage in France and Europe: Current state and future changes”

11 September 2014 par dans Damages, News

On the occasion of the conference on damage compensation organized by the Concurrences journal on May 13, 2014, Prof. Laurent Benzoni presented an economic analysis of the law on the subject. The resulting article was published in the Concurrences journal N° 3-2014.

Laurent Benzoni, President of TERA Consultants and Professor at the Panthéon- Assas University, participated in the roundtable “What is the notion of reparation? Who are responsible?” of the conference, organized by the Master program of Contract and Competition Law at the University of Versailles.

The presentation by Laurent Benzoni proposed an approach to reparation for competitive harm based on an economic analysis of the law. He thus argued that in order for competition policy to be effective, the gains from the harm must be lower than the cost of fines and damages paid to the victims. The discussion focused on the measures that would serve to achieve the following objectives:

Class action with “opt out”

Punitive damages

Stronger sanctions

Removal of the “pass-on defense” argument? etc.

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