Seminar: “The regulation of fast and ultra-fast broadband in France”

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On March 11-12, 2014, Laurent Benzoni and Denis Basque (Partners at TERA Consultants) gave a seminar at the French National Federation of Public Service Local Authorities (FNCCR) . Participants included project managers of broadband deployment from local authorities. The objectives and program of the seminar can be found below. Laurent Benzoni and Denis Basque (Partners […]

Training on Net Neutrality and FTTH networks

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Pierre-Yves Deboudé (Associate Director TERA Consultants) gave a two-day training to a network operator in Rabat, Morocco on February 7-8,  2013. The program of the training is given below. Program: Internet Neutrality Interconnecting actors How the discussion started Net neutrality: principles and key events Positions of ARCEP The options for Internet Service Providers (ISPs) Prospects […]

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